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HAO 2020 Annual Report


The Mission of the Hispanic American Organization is to improve the Quality of Life of Hispanic Families by helping them become more economically self-sufficient in a holistic approach.  HAO has been serving the community for 45 years.


HAO’s current Roster of Active Programs include:


  • Housing

  • Family Counseling

  • Adult Education

  • Nutrition Awareness

  • Intake Information & Referral Services

  • Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment



In 2020 HAO served 582 adults & children with housing Case Management Services.  Additional funds were available to assist families impacted by COVID-19.


Family Counseling

We are Bilingual and Bicultural.  Our Counseling Services are staffed by qualified Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners and Counselors.  This Program serves 2,398 clients per year.


Adult Education

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes were suspended due to Covid-19 and canceled June 30 when funding was not renewed.


Nutrition Awareness

A Program dedicated to educating clients on the necessity for proper nutrition and programs to make their food dollars go further.  This Program was not funded last year, and only walk-in clients were served.


Intake Information and Referral Services

HAO offers free services to the General Public for information and referrals.

This past year we served over 7,000 people through telephone,  and walk-ins.


Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

We believe with commitment, dedication, stability, and structure, we can improve the life of individuals.


HAO has a bilingual staff and provides Assessments to individuals as well as Group Therapy Sessions.  As of present, we have served 45 clients.


Revenue    (Reported in thousands)​

2018-2019          2019-2020

Assets           $5,108                $4,839

Liabilities      $2,798                $2,618

Equity            $2,310                $2,221

Revenue        $3,126                $3,414

Expenses       $3,177                $3,503

Loss                $51                     $89



Board Members Roster

Glenn Lichtenwalner (Chairman)

Victor Salicetti (Vice-Chairman

Ronald Gowland (Treasurer)

Celia Petprin (Secretary)

Gary Dologite

Nat Hyman

Bob Daday

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